Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meljean Brook 'Demon Moon'

Savitri the computer guru and Colin the incredibly gorgeous vampire. This is book four in Brook's series about Guardians fighting Demons and Nosferatu. Colin is falling in love with Savitri but he has the unique vampire problem of not being able to share his blood without killing the recipient. This does not make him an ideal life partner, since when a vampire feeds they have an overwhelming desire to also have sex with their victim and if he feeds from Savitri exclusively she won't last two months.

The tension over how they are going to solve this incompatibility is terrific, Colin is terrific. The plot adds some distraction from the angst and is enjoyable in its own right. There were fewer moments when I wondered what the heck was going on than in the first book (but they still occurred). Ms. Brook is quite committed to the "show, don't tell" rule, maybe a bit too committed.

Overall a very enjoyable addition to this series.

Demonic Vampire Romance 2007: 5 of 5 ways to taint a vampire's blood.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice"

Is it just me or does anyone else find prejudice difficult to spell? I just so want to put that 'd' up front. But I digress. I've been totally slacking off on the blog, sorry about that. I have been reading, so hopefully I'll get a chance to trim down the TBR stack soon. (That's To Be Reviewed these days. I've given up worrying about the To Be Read pile.)

My book club decided to read Pride and Prejudice for the month of June and I was determined to finally get through it. Yes, I know, horrors! I'm admitting that it's not my favorite book on earth, nor do I have it memorized (even though my Aunt read me the first sentence when I was thirteen). I have attempted the book in the past and didn't finish it. I'm thinking now that may have been at thirteen because I do remember being totally confused over who the hell everyone was. Can we call the characters by one name please, I mean really.

So despite my desire to not love this book because like EVERYONE loves this book, I'll admit it's pretty good. Okay, it's funny and even philosophically insightful, and yes, romantic. Fine, fine, it's a great book, I liked it.

Romance Novel 1813: 5 of 5 unmarried daughters.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Candice Hern "Lady Be Bad"

Grace, the widow of Bishop Marlow, may be the only woman in England whom John can not seduce. He's willing to take that chance for the thrill of a bet. Surprisingly he falls in love with Grace's inherent goodness along the way. And low and behold, Grace finds the personal strength that comes from owning her own sexuality.

This book is well written, has really very decent character development and is mildly funny. It's not earth shattering, but I'm guessing this is an author that could produce a really stellar book at some point. This one is a solid 3.5.

Historical Romance 2007: 3.5 of 5 Merry Widows.

Postscript on cover: The cover is gorgeous, so why was I even more embarrassed to be seen carrying it around?