Monday, September 15, 2008

Loretta Chase 'Lord of Scoundrels'

This is a book I kept seeing on various people's 'best books of all time' lists. And having read a couple of Loretta Chases' other books, and enjoyed them, I couldn't pass this up.

Sebastian, our hero, is likely the most enjoyable yet truly badly behaved hero around. And their early interactions, especially how clever and funny the heroine is, are wonderful. Compared to some other Chase books, the first half of the book is funnier, the second half of the book is more old school romance. Well written, clever, basically realistic. I wasn't as thrilled with the second half of the book but Sebastian's abject fear of losing Jessica, which convinces him to finally act human, would warm the cockles of any woman's heart.

Historical Romance Reissue from 1995: 5 of 5 hideously overdecorated bonnets.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Elizabeth Hoyt 'To Taste Temptation'

Did I mention I've gone back to school part time. Ugh. Oh, it's fun, don't get me wrong, it's the "can I be here where there is no parking and can I be there where my children are waiting for me" that is stressing me out. Lots' more could be said about that but for now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I have really enjoyed Ms. Hoyt's books so I came to this one with high expectations. That said, I liked it, but finally had to decide I didn't love it. I really enjoyed this hero, he's an American in England who recognizes the unlikeliness of a self made man marrying an aristocratic woman, but it doesn't stop him from wishing it were otherwise. I wasn't too fond of his insistence on the moccasins but that's okay.

It's the heroine that I liked less as the book went on. She's lost her brother and her husband and so she has understandable difficulty putting her trust and love into another man's hands but she's also just sort of, well, not nice. In some ways her termagant character is refreshing but I prefer to see some of that bite mellowed by the process of falling for each other (at least that's what I'm usually looking for in the hero).

Anyway, my complaints are not based on writing ability, silly plot constructs (although Sam could have been smarter about his investigations) or even consistent characterization, which is to say, this is a well crafted book and you should read it. Was it my favorite from this very good author? No, but that's just me.

Historical Romance 2008: 4 of 5 German Fairy tales.