Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Karen Hawkins 'How To Abduct A Highland Lord'

Fiona MacLean's family feud with the Kincaid's has just been reopened after years of peace between them. When she comes across Black Jack Kincaid face down in the mud she has her man drag him unconscious to the alter so they can marry and prevent more violence from breaking out. The priest baulks at marrying an unconscious man until Fiona tells him she's in the family way. And so their marriage is off to a terrific start.

These two have a bit of history of course, and the first few scenes between them in the carriage to London are witty and entertaining. The two characters very soon fall into a loving stupor that seems to dull their wits entirely. They go shopping together, with no irony, and take a bath afterwards and talk about how there's nothing left in the city to buy. Did she finally hook up with her ne're-do-well lover or his gay brother. (Not that in reality I wouldn't rather marry a gay man over most romance heros, but these are fantasies after all.) I really almost entirely lost interest in these two. Did the author think that the plot was going to keep me going all the way to the end?

This book is well written, the sex is fine, secondary characters are almost engaging, and the characters are occasionally funny but not often enough.

Historical Romance 2007: 2 of 5 plaids.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Not only are you twittering right up to your surgery and beyond, but you're updating your blog too. You rock the house! I dare you to read a racy passage to one of your surgeons. I dare ya!

Be sure to twitter about your hospital food. I found the food so horrifying at Summerlin Hospital. Does Stanford provide higher quality fare?

Heloise said...

Didn't want to disappoint my loyal readership. I will admit I kept that entry in reserve so I could post it the night before.

And I did have to force Rob to twitter for me while I was under the cauterizing knife. How many people will ever have the chance to answer the twitter question, having brain surgery. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Warn Stewart there is going to be a bit of a wait on Just A Nibble. I'm in an unabridged audio book right now and it's about 23 hours long. :)
Love ya!

Lisa said...

THIS is what I was looking for! I know the other one, silly.

Glad you will be out of the ward soon. We are digging out from a foot of snow...spring will be extra sweet this year.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Whaaaa? Rob was your ghost writer on your Twitter page? Oh, the betrayal! I thought there was something fishy, something distinctly....unfeminine about the turns of phrase. Hmph. I guess that you have some sort of lame excuse, being under the surgeon's knife and all....

I'll be very impressed if you read Just a Nibble. I hope it's better than the lame film, No Reservations, which seems to have a similar theme.

Glad your CT scans are looking good. No carotid pulse? Freaky! But that sounds like a good gimmick for a vampire romance novel. I'm not sure how that can be played, but it sounds promising, doesn't it?

Kate said...

Heloise, I was wondering where you were! I hope everything's all right, I'm thinking of you.

Heloise said...

Thanks Kate, my neurosurgeons' think I'm oh so boring. Overall I guess that's a good thing!