Monday, July 7, 2008

Jacquelyn Frank 'Damien'

Gideon was a little too serious for me, Elijah wasn't really serious enough and now Damien. Hmm. Ms. Frank can write, and I quite enjoy the world she's created (although taking the lycanthropes seriously is a stretch for me). But none of these books has really been a solid hit for me.

Damien is reigning Vampire Prince. When he visits the newly discovered immortals library, he's the first one to notice that Syreena, sister to the ruling Lycanthrope queen, has been kidnapped and taken away to be tortured. He follows and puts himself at some risk to rescue her. The vampires are not going to like that he's become smitten with a Lycanthrope (were-people) who can turn into either a dolphin or a hawk and the Lycanthropes are definitely not going to like their princess sleeping with a vampire. In the course of their 'interactions' they exchange blood and find out that vampires can take on some powers of other types of immortals, and those immortals can get some vampire powers as well.

I really liked Damien's dark mysterious character (starting with his appearance in Gideon's book) but about two thirds in the book started to feel really long. I'm not always bothered by the 'fated mate' aspect of a book, but in this series I think the author is having so much fun telling the story about this world, she skimps on relationship building and relies too much on the 'well we're meant to be together so I guess we'll have to make the best of it, after all the sex is pretty good.' This isn't a bad series of books and I could see how another reader might really enjoy them. For me, they fall into the good but not great category.

Paranormal Romance 2008: 4 of 5 vampire torpors.


Anonymous said...

Wait, a werewolf that can turn into a dolphin or a hawk? Who wrote this, an eight year-old girl? Can a lycanthrope also become a pink flying unicorn? This sounds like the literary version of the TV show, "Manimal."

By the way, I went out to dinner with a friend last night and ordered a cocktail called "Dark and Stormy." (Rum, lime and ginger beer.) I thought it would be the perfect drink at a romance novel book club.

Heloise said...

Listen carefully, dear. Were-People, not werewolves. So each lycanthrope is born with the ability to shift into animal form, they don't get to choose the animal, and most only get one, except our heroine. And as a lycanthrope you get three states of being, human, animal and were-state where you are a little bit of both. I guess that means Syreena has five possible states? With that in mind I wouldn't be entirely surprised if one of them is a pink flying unicorn!

Anonymous said...

I thought lycanthropy meant only turning into wolves, but didn't know it referred to human/animal transformations in general. Ah, the things you learn! I say it's high time for "Manimal" to be resurrected into a new TV show since this were-thingy is clearly hip now.