Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ed Park 'Personal Days'

At long last, I've completed Personal Days by Ed Park. Trying to review this book makes it clear to me that what I blog here are not really professional, objective reviews, but more my own likes and dislikes in books. I think you could argue that there is no such thing as objective reviewing, but I suppose I'm farther off the spectrum then say, NYT review of books. (gasp, say it's not so!) I do think I'm helping readers avoid truly terrible books, and pointing out really great books with enough info that readers can make their own evaluations about whether the book would be up their alley.....after all, I'd like to think this site is worth something. :)

Personal Days is a book about an office that is being restructured. The author dives deep into the dadaistic nature of business theory books, and the paranoia and weird relationships that develop in a sinking ship office. He creates a funny, surreal atmosphere that's close enough to reality that it's scary. This is a smart funny book.

But it's style was jarring and lacked a narrative that undercut my ability to like reading it. Problem with book, or problem with me? The last section of the book where all is revealed was crazy but my favorite part. It redeemed this book for me to a large extent.

Novel 2008: 3.5 of 5 CRO's.


Stewart said...

Wow, Lis, I love this author's last name. I think having the personal reviews is what makes your blog far more interesting than any stinking "professional" site.

In any case, I recommend that you get back on the romance book track by reading ""Possessed by the Highlander", by Terri Brisbin. Sure, it's Harlequin, but it is a historical romance, and I think you would dig it. Plus, it is what our local romance reading group is allegedly reading this month.

In fact, if you finish it by tomorrow, go ahead and fly in for the discussion!

Heloise said...

Possessed by the Highlander? You want me to get back on track with Possessed by the Highlander?

Well I'm afraid it has to get in line behind Warrior Rising. No pun intended, I'm sure.