Monday, September 15, 2008

Loretta Chase 'Lord of Scoundrels'

This is a book I kept seeing on various people's 'best books of all time' lists. And having read a couple of Loretta Chases' other books, and enjoyed them, I couldn't pass this up.

Sebastian, our hero, is likely the most enjoyable yet truly badly behaved hero around. And their early interactions, especially how clever and funny the heroine is, are wonderful. Compared to some other Chase books, the first half of the book is funnier, the second half of the book is more old school romance. Well written, clever, basically realistic. I wasn't as thrilled with the second half of the book but Sebastian's abject fear of losing Jessica, which convinces him to finally act human, would warm the cockles of any woman's heart.

Historical Romance Reissue from 1995: 5 of 5 hideously overdecorated bonnets.


Shannon said...

Oh, wasn't this a lovely book. I think it is one of the few historicals that I would recommend to non-historical readers. Sebastian is so wonderfully awful. Jessica is such a strong, fiesty heroine. Luvs them!

Heloise said...

I feel like this fall has been my 'catch up on all the great books I'm hearing about' time.

Of course, the last one I just read was a total dud. I guess life can't always be good!