Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loretta Chase 'Miss Wonderful'

Quick review of this one. I'm reading Chase's back stock slowly. And not too surprisingly this one wasn't quite up to snuff. Strong amusing early interactions, decent plot lay-out but the plot devolves into some kidnapping silliness, her father's delusions fade away, and the heroine has a major change of heart off screen with no real description of "why now?"

What did I like, smart funny main characters, and really, I loved the valet.

Historical Romance 2004: 3 out of 5 discreet coughs.


Stewart said...

What's with dipping back into the stock from 2004? I thought we were gonna read the 1000+ page brick known as "Infinite Jest". Get cracking, Lissie!

Heloise said...

Wellllll, I really support the idea of reading Infinite Jest, I do. And I think global warming is bad, I really do. But you know, I like being able to just grab a plastic water bottle out of the garage and just put it in my purse on my way out of the house so my kids never have to worry about being dehydrated and I don't have to listen to their whining about being thirsty. It's just so easy and convenient.

Mmmm, there's that word again, convenient.

Anonymous said...

Perfect comeback, Lis! Thanks to you, when Stewart nags me to read "Infinite Jest," I can now say "Water bottle, dude. Water bottle."