Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gennita Low 'Virtually His'

I love the cover of this book. Really. I never look more than once at the cover of a romance, especially the historicals I normally read. So I'm going to break my 'only post the cover of 3.5's and above' rule.

I'm in a terrible rut of picking up a book, getting 1/3 through it than picking up something else. Thus my recent hiatus from posting. I also attempted to 'organize' my books the other day and make sure everything is appropriately posted on PBS. In the process I realized just how many books I have in my TBR pile. I think it shook my psychological foundations because I've been disoriented and disheveled ever since. Of course, if you asked my husband, I don't know that he would have noticed a change!

Virtually His; interesting concept. Covert operatives who can 'remote view,' and gain intelligence to support other operations. Helen is being trained to remote view in Virtual Reality . Her monitor is the hero in the story and of course, she doesn't know his identity (a construct I enjoyed) . I liked Helen, who wouldn't, she's spunky and the golden (girl) child in a basically man's world. The monitor is suitably intensely attracted to Helen. He's been in the game for years and is surprised by his own worry for her well-being. I bought into the attraction between them.

What I didn't like. Most of the first half of the book (really most of the book) is Helen ruminating on her place in COS, the operation, who has what secret agenda, etc. Either I'm not getting the implications of most of the exposition or the author is setting us up for a LOT of tie up revelations in later books, either way, badly set up for the reader. It felt rather half baked, like maybe the author knew what she was trying to convey but wasn't doing it very well. This is very distracting, to say the least.

Another beef, so to speak. No seriously, this is a very erotic book, but an orgasm every once in a while would have been appreciated. There's a lot of action in the end of the book, and I even went with the 'have to give you a paralyzing pill so you won't find out my identity' construct although it raised the feminist hairs on the back of my neck. But having this poor heroine half-way to orgasm through 90% of the book was cruel and unusual. Geese, give the poor girl a break.

Contemporary Covert Ops Romance 2007: 3 out of 5 checkered flags.


Anonymous said...

That *has* to be a pen name that the author is using.

Gennita said...

Thank you for reviewing my book. Just wanted to add that that is my real name. What can I say, my mom didn't speak English and yes, I grew up with a lot of heckling in school buses. Just call me Jenn if you aren't comfortable with the name ;-).

Heloise said...

Gennita, thank you for this learning moment! I want this blog to be funny and while I try to write a fair review it's easy to use harsher language than I might otherwise if I weren't 'behind a computer.'

Being the Midwesterner I am I was mortified that you had read my review, so I'm hear to admit, I edited it. I would like to think I didn't change the substance of the review, but I did change a bit of the style.

So, thanks for reminding me there are real people on the other end of this endeavor. :)

Carolyn Crane said...

I think this setup sounds great, and fresh. I need to check out this author!

I hear you on the halfway to orgasm. Hopefully it will be worth the wait at the end 10%. Remember how poor Anita Blake was halfway to orgasm through five books? Anyway, thanks for the review! This sounds fun and interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to try this author. And gracious review responses always make me even more keen. Thanks for the review!

Gennita said...

Oh no, Heloise, I didn't mean to make you edit or change your style. Every reader has his/her own opinion of a book and if they buy it and take the time to write a fair review, I'm happy for the publicity.

For those who would like to check out my "style." there are Virtually His and Virtually Hers excerpts on my blog (click on my name). May I take this opportunity to explain that I had intended for the relationship in the Virtual series to go slowly, like a JD Robb Roarke and Eve relationship, except with virtual reality and remote-viewing thrown in? For something less techno-spy-fi, please try out the first five chapters of my newest book, Big Bad Wolf, for free. It has a more traditional romance feel to it and is available at Amazon, if you like it enough.

Thanks again for buying my book!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm horrified that my juvenile comment about the author's name was read by the author herself. My apologies!