Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Patricia Briggs 'Bone Crossed'

This is book four in the much touted Mercy Thompson series. Mercy is a coyote shape shifter, her boss was a fae metalworker (who sold her his auto repair garage), she was raised by werewolves, her neighbor is the Alpha for the local werewolf pack and her favorite customer is a vampire.

I'm not sure I can objectively review this book. I've been well and truly sucked into the Mercy Thompson fan club so telling you that the fourth installment in her story is really, really good, probably won't mean a lot. I can say that the plot clips along as usual and Mercy continues to be a ridiculously decent person. I do wonder when she is going to go into full system shut down with all the trouble she keeps digging up, but then I don't want the stories to end any time soon, so....

If by some chance you haven't read any of the Mercy Thompson books, and you like fantasy at all, even remotely, pick up Moon Called. You won't be disappointed.

Spoiler Alert: I like Stephen and thought Mercy was a bit hard on him with the killing innocents thing, but why are all these boys still pining for her as she and Adam solidify things?? And was Amber just a little too convenient of a character?

Fantasy Novel 2009: 4.5 of 5 animated corpses.


Rene said...

I'm with you, I can't read the book objectively.

In one way I'm glad the Adam thing is settled by I am intrigued by Stefan.

BTW, at a booksigning I attended, she said that Samuel was probably going to get his own book.

Heloise said...

Yeah, the Samuel/Adam thing was tough for me since they were both such terrific characters. And it's nice to have something for Mercy to settle into and enjoy when the rest of her life is always one step away from death and dismemberment!

Thanks for the update on Samuel! I would love to see Samuel get his own book (and Bran for that matter) but I have to say, I didn't love Cry Wolf. Mercy's character is really the main draw for me to this world.

Stewart said...

Um, hello Heloise- the title "Bone Crossed"? This did not merit a snarky comment or two in your review?

Heloise said...

Dude, you don't snark on Mercy Thompson, not if you want your ass in one piece.