Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've Completely Lost My Mind

Gerard Butler. What is it about Gerard Butler? Okay, right, well there is the obvious....but it can't just be the bod since there are no shortage of beautiful male bodies on the internet to look at. And look at this picture, I'm not usually partial toward frat boys!

I really loved 300. That's embarrassing in itself cause, well, it wasn't The English Patient or anything.

Now I am actually dieing to see a movie that won't be out for three weeks. People, I have two children, I don't see any movies unless they've been out for at least three years and six different friends insist I must see it. And this doesn't look like a good movie, it looks like a formulaic hackneyed Hollywood romantic comedy. And on top of it all, from the trailer I'm thinking someone told Gerard to temper his accent into an unattractive incomprehensible version of "I'm an actor trying really hard not to sound Scottish cause that's not my written character." But despite all of these hurdles, I am panting to see this movie just to see Gerard flirt, tease, and fall in love with someone on screen. Yes, I've completely lost my mind. Now leave me alone while I go watch the trailer again.


Anonymous said...

LOL on the movies -- I know the feeling, well.

I never got the Gerard Butler thing. Whenever people nominate him for Jamie Fraser in Outlander I shudder.

Anonymous said...

At least this will be a comedy I can laugh my behind off and not be like "P.s. I love you" for which I cried soo hard that I questioned it to be called a comedy. In this one Butler can showcase his real comedic talent.

Butler is the type of person for whom you either get it (meaning like him as an actor) or you don't. Just like his looks, some find it very appealing while others shudder. Each to his/her own I guess. Like I totally don't get that Robert Pattinton thing.

I am intrigued by the boldness of the movie. Will be there some day of the first week of openning.

Nicola O. said...

I think it's the smile.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Gerard Butler?

Your Mom

Kaetrin said...

Oh lordy, I'm seeing The Ugly Truth at a pre-screening and then I suspect I will be seeing it a few more times and then I'll get it on DVD to add to my GB collection. I am a mad keen GB fan - what can I say? He just does it for me!!

I think you are suffering from GB withdrawal and prescribed watching the UT trailer a few more times to keep you going until the cure is released!

(He's filming another rom com -with Jennifer Aniston this time - called The Bounty/The Bounty Hunter in New York at present and he's got an action flick (a bit of no shirt action in this!) called Gamer coming out later this year too).

Hot pics can be found of Mr. Gorgeous at the GB Gals site - I go there daily for my fix!

Heloise said...

Jessica, I totally get how you could not get GB, which is why I'm so surprised that I'm attracted. :)

Anonymous, I checked out PS. I love you and thought it sounded terrible. And I really like Hilary Swank.

Nicola: why do I need to analyze, just enjoy right? what else is fantasy for

Mom: I can't believe you de-lurked to ask me something google or People can tell you easily. That magazine is so wasted on you, just put my name on it and I'll give it to you when I'm done with it. :) And thanks for visiting. :)

Kaetrin: glad someone else happily married has this same disease out there. Gonna check on GB gals right away. :)

Kate said...

Ugh, I love Gerrard Butler but I can't stand Katherine Heigl! Oh, what a toss-up.

Heloise (et al.), have you seen Dear Frankie? He gets to be Scottish in this one (um, since it's a Scottish film.) It was cute, a little sad, and just a really good film.

Heloise said...

Kate, you live! Have not see Dear Frankie. I'll put it on the Netflix list. :)