Monday, November 30, 2009

The Benefits of the Flu

Yes! I finally got a little reading done. The downside, achy delirium for two days, upside, two romance novels completed in two recovery days. Throw in a little strep throat and six year old with croup and it all makes for an eventful Thanksgiving week. Hope yours was both more fun and less exciting.

Laura Lee Guhrke is back with the girl bachelors, With Seduction In Mind. This time it's Daisy who keeps getting fired from all her jobs. She's a little impetuous. She's got red hair. She really believes in people. You know where this is going. Fine, call it a prejudice but I have a problem with the spunky red head trope. My mother has red hair, I seriously considered dyeing my kid's hair red when it started to fade to brown, I LOVE red hair. I am not a red hair hater!

Here's the real problem, I didn't like him either. Red hair impulsive girl who sees the best in everybody and recovering cocaine addict neurotic writer. Um. Look. Let's face it, romance is fantasy, anything can work if you can write the hell out of it. Ms. Guhrke gave herself a pretty tough task with this one and it just didn't work for me. What can I say. Maybe I was just annoyed it took them so long to get down to business.

Historical Romance 2009: 2 out of 5 killed off dogs.

This image has absolutely nothing to do with the book or impetuous red-heads. It is Miss Gertrude Crocker of Illinois, the treasurer of the National Woman's Party ca. 1916. Cool huh? Women of Protest: Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party, Library of Congress.


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