Monday, March 28, 2011

Lynsay Sands "The Countess"

I do recognize that it could be possible to read this book and think it was hysterical, and given the right comedic cast with impecabble timing it might be funny in a movie, but I just didn't like it.

Our heroine is married to a slime ball who woed her sweetly for her dowry then turned into the controlling jerk he really was. What she doesn't know is that he had his twin brother killed to assume his title and estates just before marrying her. (He's been busy) When her jerky husband dies, she puts him on ice and goes to a ball with her sisters. At said ball the not quite killed twin brother shows up, she nearly faints thinking her husband has come back from the dead and they proceed to play move the dead body all over the townhouse for the rest of the night.

If these characters had been more compelling the comedy would have been less strained but as it was I had a hard time finishing this one. I actually managed to finish Witch of Blackbird Pond in the middle and this book made that look interesting, which is saying something. Oh, don't get me wrong, I liked WofBP but it's a sort of mildly wooden YA historical fiction about Puritans and I have to guess non-history teachers might not get excited about it, but I digress.

I got to visit the CCBC yesterday. Please, please, please can't I just work there? Oh sorry, back to the romance novel.

Historical Romance 2011: 2.5 of 5 carpet wrapped drippy dead evil twins.


Kate said...

Sounds like Weekend at Bernie's: The Regency Edition. Nonetheless I feel strangely compelled to read it...

Heloise said...

Funny, it reminded me of Clue the movie which I watched on your recommendation so there you go. :)