Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trouble at the Wedding by Laura Lee Guhrke

Just a quick peek a boo appearance, in case anyone is watching. I did manage to read a romance novel (actually I've read several, reading still beats blogging, I mean really people). I have liked Ms. Guhrke's books since And Then He Kissed Her which made me laugh out loud. Since then my reactions have been up and down but she's still an auto-buy.

Annabelle is from backwater Mississippi and the last thing she wants is true love. She's looking for a friendly business arrangement that will give her entree into society.

Trouble at the Wedding felt pedestrian at the beginning and the parallels with Titanic were downright annoying, but beyond that it met basic requirements for the first half, liked the heroine, liked the hero, only snorted once or maybe twice at the unlikeliness of it all. But at the halfway point there is a plot twist that I have to give full kudos to. Not that clever plot twists should carry an entire book, but this one got me through until the fun interactions of our couple fully distracted me from my everyday life.

Overall nice book, good characters, light on sex, but you know, that has it's place too.

Historical Romance 2012: 3.5 of 5 jugs of moonshine slung over your forearm.


Marg said...

I have liked the book in this series so far, mainly because the settings are just that little bit different.

Kate said...

I'm still around!

Mississippi and Titanic? Um...?

I got excited when I saw this - not just because it was a new post - but because I was convinced I had just read and really enjoyed a Laura Lee Guhrke novel. Turns out it was a Jill Marie Landis. All romance authors must have three names. It's in the contract or something.

On that note, though, I'm going to check to see if my library has any Guhrke. Her name keeps popping up every now and again. Unless I'm seeing Jill Marie Landis. Stop the insanity!!!

Heloise said...

Hello Ladies! Good to hear from you both.
This one was not going so well for me until the author threw in the just enough of a different plot twist, so I know what you mean Marg.
My other favorite three namer; Julie Anne Long and why didn't she just add an "e" to Longe as well to round it all out? :)

Agnes said...

I've red this book, it's absolutely great! I strongly recommend it to You!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this review - and I appreciate the way you alluded to a plot twist and its role in advancing the story without giving it away, other reviewers could learn finesse from you ;)

I'm open to checking out that book!

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