Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Johanna Lindsey 'Captive of My Desires'

When Gabrielle's mother dies she heads to the Caribbean to find her father. Her ship gets captured by pirates but luckily her father ends up being one of them and quickly ransoms her free. After three years of living with him he sends her back to England to get married. Drew ruins her chances by proclaiming that she is a pirate's daughter at a ball one evening, she steals his ship to get back home and the rest is history.

This book stunk. The hero is a shallow jerk who changes how he feels about her but doesn't really change being a jerk. She isn't funny, strong, clever, or even that sweet. She sails off to save her father but has no plan. The secondary characters feel like they are being developed for some reason but it never materializes, and it's skimpy on sex. Yikes. Even the swearing parrot wasn't funny. I love swearing parrots. I'm a sucker for swearing parrots!

I finished this book because Johanna Lindsey was the first romance novelist I ever read. Not a great effort from her this time.

2007 Historical Romance: 0 out of 5

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