Sunday, July 22, 2007

Elizabeth Hoyt 'The Leopard Prince'

Totally enjoyable. If you suspend disbelief that an Earl's daughter would eventually marry a land steward in order to get to the happily ever after (with a 15 year old sister who still has to go out on the marriage mart.) Well, who am I to quibble. He's a mighty fine land steward.

My husband has a theory that every romance novel has a sex scene on page 169 plus or minus 5 pages. Well, he was testing the theory with this book and was a bit shocked at how steamy said sex scene was. Serves him right for messing about with my books! Great characters, the plot was a little distracting, and I have to agree with Aunt Euphemia that 'There certainly has been a lot of traveling of late. Back and forth between Yorkshire and London....' Otherwise an excellent read.

Historical Romance 2007: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with you there.
I loved the hero's character (I have a soft spot for those who whittle).

It's really nice to know my views are shared in this aspect.

Amd your husband's theory sounds reasonable. I used to think it was around page 125 minus or add a few tens.