Friday, July 27, 2007

Laura Lee Guhrke 'And Then He Kissed Her'

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Obviously someone should punish me for my shortsighted judge a book by it's cover problems. This book was fantastic. Emma has worked for five years as Lord Harry's secretary, running his successful publishing company. When he rejects her third manuscript in a row without even reading them, she quits and his life goes to hell.

Emma is one of the most wonderful romance heroines to come along in a while. Harry takes a bit of time to develop into a man who is worthy of her. The journey is very enjoyable.

Some romance novels divert blood to certain parts of your body and well, that's fun for what it's worth. Then some leave you with your chest tight with giddiness. And some do both.

Historical Romance 2007: 5 out of 5 stars.


Anonymous said...

here i am, "lurking." :)

i guess if i'm going to read any of the actual books you review, rather than just be amused by the entries ABOUT the books on your blog, this one should be it!!

hey, where's the link to the must-see trailer?


Anonymous said...

Dang! That's your most glowing review yet! Since I finished the Potter book and felt guilty about not having read your picks, I did get Never Lie to a Lady to read. Um, I didn't realize these books were so graphic. You're basically reading socially acceptable soft porn, eh? Clearly I should've waited to check out this book though.

By the way, on a slightly tacky note, do you buy each of these books? Do you check them out of the library or trade them online? It seems like this could equal a Starbucks coffee habit in terms of the impact on one's wallet. Inquiring minds wanna know.

Heloise said...

Jean, I just left this book on my Mom's doorstep. If you can wait, I prefer to lend it to you so you don't spend money on something I recommended. Makes me too nervous. :)

Anne, major money impact! Don't tell Rob, kay? I'm buying them although I have started trading books on paper book swap. But to stay au current I feel like I need to review what's on the grocery store shelf. At least that's my justification, and I'm sticking with it.

Jean, check out Romance Related Links and 'Watch the Book Video'

I'm so excited I have some comments!!! It does pay to cater to your audience.

Heloise said...

PS. I've noticed in my recent survey of the market that they are much more graphic these days, accurate language and all of that. And Then He Kissed Her focuses more on the sexual tension before the graphic sex. A little foreplay is never a bad thing.

Stewart said...

I am digging the Twitter sidebar. I just might have to add that to my site, too, as if I don't waste enough time blogging as it is.

Heloise said...

Ya, I keep wanting to share anything cool I come across with Rob, but I'm afraid he'll figure out how much time I'm actually wasting. You guys need to check out Show It Technology! Especially with all time Stewart's been spending in the pool this summer.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out Show It technology. Honey, my man doesn't need any ratching system. And from what I remember from the canoe trip photos, neither does your husband....

I guess it's been about 20 years since I've read a romance novel so I shouldn't be surprised if they've gotten more graphic in recent, um, decades. Rowr!

Next book review please!

Heloise said...

Yes, yes, this next one is a bit slow. Keep an eye on your mail, somethings on the way for you Anne. Hope you enjoy (nothing as exciting as the prize packageTM!)