Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sophie Jordan 'Too Wicked to Tame'

For the first ten pages I thought I was reading a parody. Her carriage stranded in ankle deep mud, our heroine sets off on foot, the skies open, a stallion comes pounding down the road, narrowly missing trampling her. Prone in the mud, she looks up into gray eyes as stormy as the sky flashing above.

Then either I was dying for a good story or the book actually got better. I really liked Lord Gray-Eyes and Lady Marriage-Is-Female-Slavery. I thought the big misunderstanding was believable but when Lord Gray-Eyes overcomes his own reservations, the plot spins into another almost parody of last minute physical danger.

Since I enjoyed 80% of this book, I'm giving it a decent rating. But more importantly I would pick up this author again. Promising.

Historical Romance 2007: 4 out of 5 stars.


Anonymous said...

I am constantly searching the internet for good historical romance reviews. I like yours - they are short, sweet, and good to read on the go.
This is totally unnecessary, but can I just point out "dieing"? It threw me off.
Anyway - your reviews are fab. I'll definitely check out your 4 and 5 star picks.

Heloise said...

Katie, thank you for pointing out that I wasn't making cloth turn colors so I could enjoy a good story! My poor children aren't very good spellers either. What can I say, if spell check doesn't get it, I never will .