Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Melody Thomas 'Wild and Wicked in Scotland'

Alright, alright, I finally finished this endless book. Can I tell you how much I hate a heroine with blindingly white blond hair. I don't know, one of the Johanna Lindsey books had one and I couldn't stand her. Which one was that? Oh, HERE it is. Hated it and her.

Anyway, I will give this book credit for a decent though complicated plot line. I guess I just didn't like the main characters. They weren't terrible but I felt like the author kept trying to tell me things about their motivation that I just wasn't getting. "The thought flustered her. Not because either of them was incapable of love, but because love made them incapable." WTF? Is it just me or is this author trying harder to find a clever turn of phrase than to tell a story about these two people. Even if I could understand what that sentence means, is it an appropriate thought for a romance novel? And let me assure you, it does not fit with the overall characterization of our heroine.

Whatever, I've already spent too much time reading this book, I give up trying to pinpoint what I didn't like about it. I admit it, I'm not always a gifted reviewer. Sigh.

Historical Romance 2007: 2 out of 5 stars.

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