Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Stephenie Meyer 'twilight'

I can't decide, should I just squeee with delight or should I review seriously. This is a totally, thoroughly, entirely, enjoyable book. It's on the light side and escapist in nature and it doesn't deal with any important world questions. Bella loves Edward because he is beautiful, and otherworldly and excitingly forbidden. Edward loves Bella because she is forbidden and surprisingly smart and interesting. Half the book is wrapped around their anticipation of touching each other. Now, I'll warn the romance readers, there's no sex per se. It is young adult literature after all. But all the anticipation is there, so I'm still sticking with the romance category. There is even a HEA, at least as much of one that also allows a couple more books.

Totally enjoyed every minute.

Vampire YA Lit/Romance 2005: 5 out of 5 stars.


Marg said...

Definitely squee with delight!

Stewart said...

What exactly is HEA? Here are my top guesses:

1. Home Economics Advisory
2. Homosexual Experimentation Announcement
3. Holistic Ecology Association
4. Hot Egg A*** (hint- looks like "banal", but without the "b")


Heloise said...

Stewart, Happily Ever After. But I appreciate your efforts. See, you are learning something about the romance world.

I Googled Holistic Ecology Assoc, cause I think they meet in Madison in the basement of the Willy Street Coop.

Anonymous said...

I like the simple and modern cover art to this book. The covers to the historical romances are so generic and forgettable. I'm glad the publishers change it up for the younger audiences.

Heloise said...

I'm sure you care, but I read a discussion of the cover art of romance novels the other day. It seems that although everyone always says they hate the 'clinch' covers, those with hero and heroine in an embrace, they sell the most books. I think it's an issue of telling the reader what they are getting.

Twilight is not being marketed as a romance but I firmly believe it belongs here. :)