Monday, October 15, 2007

Elizabeth Hoyt 'The Serpent Prince'

Lucy finds Simon's naked dead body in a ditch near her home, only he's not dead. He spends some weeks recovering in her house and she turns the vicar down when he proposes after three years of courting.

Simon has some enemies who he intends to finish off, apparently they killed his brother. But he can't help himself when it comes to Lucy so he comes back and marries her. Once in London, she catches on that he's got a list of men he's tracking down and becomes rather upset by the whole affair.

The fairytale in this one was more entertaining than The Leopard Prince. Hoyt is a terrific writer, her dialog is first rate, although I will warn you her sex scenes are rather raunchy. I'm not knocking it, but if you have more delicate sensibilities, its better to be fore-warned.

The passivity of the heroine, well, if it didn't bother me, at least I noticed. Granted it's consistent with her character, she's perceptive, not an ass kicker. As with The Leopard Prince, I loved the beginning and middle of these books, the endings were a bit of a let down.

Historical Romance 2007: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Anonymous said...

After a long hiatus, I'm glad to see that you're back in the blogosphere. And you've returned with a vengeance with two reviews in almost as many days! Well done!

Now let's work on the Twitter updates....We want up-to-the-minute details about your every move and not just when you're in the throes of ectasy over EVP coffee, my dear.

Heloise said...

Oh harsh! I twittered from EVP just this second. But Anne! I'm writing them all in Haiku form, if they can't be real time, I thought they could at least be more artistic. Okay? Please, please. Tell me that's okay.

Don't make me figure out twitter on my phone. I'm young but I'm not that young!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I didn't even notice the haiku structure. I just assumed you were texting on your cell phone and keeping your sentences nice and short.

By the way, age is no excuse. Start updating via cell phone and prove you're still young! Then you could add some cell phone pix of the hot barristas.

Heloise said...

Well that's something to think about. The pictures I mean. But I already have carpel tunnel in my wrists, I don't need it in my thumbs too.

Sorry babe, I hate to disappoint my only reader but I think you're gonna have to be content with the haiku.

Stewart said...

Hey, I read this blog, too. I am still eagerly awaiting the restaurant review.

BTW is a barrista male or female? If the latter, I agree with Anne that you should do some mobile picture blogging. This is actually really easy to do with blogger- let me know if you need some pointers!