Saturday, January 19, 2008

De-Lurking Week (Day, Hour)

It's not really De-Lurking Week anymore but I thought I would jump on the bandwagon (late) anyway. I just really liked this picture. And yes, I'm neurotically desperate for comments. Does every blogger feel this way? I once said about snail mail, "Every letter is an affirmation that you are still alive." I was a bit melodramatic in my younger years wasn't I?

So comment already, will ya?


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, you've got to stop sounding so desperate for comments. Don't turn your blog into the pimply girl with braces and ample upper lip hair standing in the corner of the gym during the Spring Fling dance.

You just have to flaunt it, baby, by adding some Google-friendly phrases to encourage people to visit your site. (Examples: "Boobs," "Pudding," "Gerbil.")

Marg said...

Comment! Comment, comment!

I always read, even if I don't often comment, mainly because I read through a feed!

Anonymous said...

Having just read a food blog this morning, the blogger announced that she was recently noted as a noteworthy blog and that that was one of the highlights of her 2007. so you are not alone in wanting kudos. but i agree with anne about the addition ofsome key keywords. the writer for the movie Juno was discovered through her blog....because she wrote about the stripping industry.

Stewart said...

I read Bodice Ripper Reviews daily, even though I have never read a romance novel. I would like to see more food reviews, and I have been requesting a review of the DVD "Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper" for the past several months.

Heloise said...

Wow, maybe I don't really want your comments. Well, at least not the ones from friends of mine.

Anne & Onay, I hear you and I keep meaning to get hubby to do some google magic to my site but he keeps telling me he's busy, !working! or something like that.

Marg, glad you're still lurking, tells me I'm occasionally writing something useful.

Stewart, I spend hours of my life reading books for you to get more involved in your community and all I get are more requests? Where's the love!?