Monday, January 28, 2008

Jude Deveraux 'Someone To Love'

Ms Deveraux will be looking hard for someone to love this book. Yuck. I haven't read this author in a few years and after this one I have no reason to try again.

Jace's fiancee apparently committed suicide three years ago just before their wedding. He still can't move on so he buys an ugly English estate, that seems to be involved, to solve the mystery. He gets help from the two resident ghosts, and the heroine who is a local journalist.

There are so many ridiculous moments in this book, like when Nightingale, our heroine, who is a foreign correspondent at home on leave in Margate, writes a completely inflammatory ludicrous article about our hero in the local paper. Supposedly she is tricked into writing it by some local yahoos who snow her about what Jace has been doing in little Margate. First of all, how did she manage to be a war zone journalist, by never fact checking? And secondly I'm supposed to believe that Jace forgets all about this event once he meets her and finds out she's nice? Hmmm.

The book isn't worth any more description. If you love Jude Deveraux, go ahead, waste your time. If you've never read her before, avoid this like the plague.

Contemporary Romance: 1 out of 5 ghostly encounters.

Image is portrait from 1790 by Vigee le Brun.

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Kate said...

Hello, Heloise! I just got back from abroad and finally can check out your blog without paying by the minute! I agree mostly with your review of "Someone To Love," in that I agree with pretty much everything you say, but I think I liked it a little bit more. But then I'm a Deveraux girl from way back, and hope springs eternal when you're waiting on a favored author to get back to what she does best. Call me a sucker, but I'll keep reading - I may just use the library instead of buying them!