Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jacquelyn Frank 'Elijah'

In a nice change from my current pattern, I quite enjoyed the third book in "The Nightwalkers" series. This book is about Elijah, the head of the Demon warriors, and Siena the queen of the Lycanthropes. One of the Smart Bitches described her love of JR Ward's vampire series as basically a crack addition. This book is like that for me.

Elijah gets caught in an ambush and nearly dies, Siena finds him, takes him to safety and nurses him back to health. I'm a sucker for the wounded hero set up. Once they are in close proximity they 'imprint' or find out they are soul mates who will quite literally die if separated for too long. Talk about sexual frustration. The rub (and there is a lot of rubbing) is that the Demons and the Lycanthropes have been at war for a long time, and although they are now at peace, Siena's sure her people won't accept Elijah.

The world is well crafted, the characters are enjoyable, the sex is hot, the writing is good. The dialog isn't incredible but I've finally decided that the inescapable nature of this imprinting thing is what draws me like crack. What has always spoiled the idea of LURVVVVE for me is the 'how do I know this will last' aspect of it. If true LURVVVVE exists, how are you ever sure until one of you is on your deathbed? So while on the one hand, an irresistible compulsion to hump one person for the rest of your life might sound confining, it's irresistibility also feels freeing, from doubt. Fantasy, yes, enjoyable, definitely.

Paranormal Demon Romance 2008: 4.5 of 5 destinies.

I was hoping I wouldn't like this book so I wouldn't have to post the cover forever. *blushes*


Anonymous said...

Okay, here his man-nipple (much classier than man-titty) is completely erased which is even more disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Wow--just noticed how low the photo goes. Someone shaves....

Jill D. said...

I have heard about this series but haven't read any of the books yet. Do they need to be read in order? Funny about the cover, did you notice that his (man titty) is not visible. Just thought I would mention it since the cover for Wicked Ways of Duke it's very visible.

Heloise said...

I guess I was distracted and somehow missed the missing man titty. Do you think it's anatomically possible that it's just off the side of the picture? Weird.

Jill, I read the second book first, and don't think I missed too much skipping the first one. There was a lot of 'world explanation' in the second book; another reason why I liked the third book better than second one. I think you could jump into this one if you wanted.