Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Loretta Chase 'Not Quite A Lady'

How have I never heard of this author? After starting this blog and spending some time on some romance websites I kept seeing her name and finally decided I needed to check her out. Count me excited. Clever, interesting characters who follow the basic confines of the genre, but bend the rules enough to keep the book interesting. Funny dialog, decent plot, good amount of sex; well, I'm very pleased. I can't wait for her next book.

Charlotte had a baby out of wedlock that she gave up ten years ago and she's made it her goal to never fall for anyone ever again, and certainly never to get married.

Historical Romance 2007: 5 out of 5 frothy hats.

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Anonymous said...

I find the cover art on this one a bit weird since it seems to put the reader in a voyeuristic mode. Is it supposed to arouse some sort of homoerotic feelings in the viewer? It seems that the cover should include some shirtless guy going for her nape instead of just her alone.