Friday, May 23, 2008

Celeste Bradley 'Duke Most Wanted'

I think I need a break from romance. These books are starting to run together, well, more than usual that is. Sophie is the third grand-daughter of Hamish Pickering. She's in the running for a trust that will be given to his first female decedent who becomes a duchess. She's not all that interested in the money, just the time in London that the competition has provided her.

Graham is the fourth son of the Duke of Edencourt, does not expect to inherit, but becomes friends with Sophie. She has an unrequited tendre for him of course, but she's realistic about her chances with him until he announces he's going to marry. She is horrified enough to reach out to a dress maker who offered to transform her a few months earlier. Thus ensues the story.

The writing is good, the characters are well drawn, their motivation wanders a bit, the sexual tension is okay and the consummation is good. A generally good bit of fluff to pass a couple of hours, but again, nothing that makes it stand out in the crowd.

Historical Romance 2008: 4 of 5 Lementuer gowns.

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Ciara said...

I just won this. I'm glad to hear it's good! thanks for the review.