Monday, May 26, 2008

Sabria Jeffries 'To Pleasure a Prince'

I am definitely feeling jaded. *gasp* I apologize fair reader, but I've got to re-charge my reading senses by inserting a decent book. I'm afraid my reviewing abilities are being worn down by nothing but trash.

Beautiful Lady Regina has dyslexia, Marcus the Viscount is the bastard son of Prinny, who avoids society ever since his mother spread nasty gossip about him as a young man. He's gained a reputation for being quite volatile so society calls him the Dragon Viscount. When his younger sister has her first season, Lady Regina goes to talk to Marcus to see why he has forbidden her brother from seeing his little sister. For some bizarre reason he agrees to a month long courtship between the siblings as long as Regina allows him to court her.

In my opinion, dialog is everything, and these two are terrific together. He is quite overbearing but she gives as good as she gets and doesn't back down. By the end his belligerence begins to wear however, and it would have been nice for his character to have been changed by her's more gradually. Of course this would have interfered with the BIG ARGUMENT part of the plot....

The sexual tension is very good, and consummation was terrific if sparse by todays standards. This book had a great start, then falls into some old patterns (misunderstandings, big argument for plot climax) by the end.

Historical Romance 2004: 4 of 5 dark dungeons.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to ask--how is Regina's dyslexia used to forward the plot? Is there some misunderstanding because she transposed some letters in an important missive?

Heloise said...

She has refused eleven marriage proposals because of her fear of passing on her brain defect to her children, which has caused the ton to dub her La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

More of a characterization tool, not so much a plot forwarder.... :)

Anonymous said...

ELEVEN proposals? Wow, the heroine is clearly in demand. No gawky, awkward swan-in-the-making here, eh? I assume that she marries at the end. Do they agree not to have kids or is he amenable to dyslexic kids?

Heloise said...

Oh, he convinces her she can learn to read, that she's not defective and so it's okay to have kids. :)

Thanks for humoring me by asking questions about the book. :)

Did I mention Rob wore a super cool Wi-Fi T-shirt last night at dinner. We ate outside and he entertained the children endlessly.