Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Belated Vacation Announcement

So sorry for the long hiatus. I have been reading, just having difficulty getting internet access from Honolulu. I know, life is rough. I figured I would be blogging right and left with my classes finishing up, vacation after the holidays. Well, not so much.

This picture is not taken by me, but it's pretty much the view from our balcony. I borrowed my kid's book light and thoroughly enjoyed reading after they went to bed on said balcony with the sound of the ocean in the distance. You would think with nine hours on the plane (direct sounded good until they told me the length of the flight) from Chicago to Honolulu that I would have gotten through more books. I did finish Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs, To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt and am working on The Runaway Duke by Julie Ann somebody. So reviews to come soon.

Home soon. Not looking forward to the upper Midwestern weather, but it will be nice to sleep in my own bed again.


Stewart said...

Welcome back, dude! Did you see all those awesome pics of you I posted on FB?

Kate said...

Hawai'i...lucky you! Hope you're having a good time.

Heloise said...

Stew, it's a little embarrassing that all the photos on FB of me are from 15 years ago. I'm sorry to say I don't look quite like that anymore.

Kate, a warm time was had by all. My hands are so dry now, they are in complete withdrawal from the lovely humid air.