Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surf Lessons Extraordinaire

On our recent trip to Honolulu we were able to take some surf lessons with Hawaiian Fire Surf School. They were awesome. The company was started by a couple of firefighters/paramedics who have first hand experience with the dangers to beginning surfers. So this group is all about safety, they have specially built long boards, take you to a nearly empty beach with protected beginner waves and give terrific instruction.

Now, I'll admit I did not get on a board myself, but my hubby has done some surfing on his own in California, and my two kids got out there, a five and nine year old. The day we went out the waves were pretty big but the huge benefit of this group of instructors is, they hold the back of your board and pick the wave for you. Husband had never been able to do a long upright ride before, and after about five runs he was up like a pro (well, maybe not a pro, but definite improvement was observable). My nine year old went tandem once or twice, then alone and made it look way too easy. My five year old rode with an instructor the whole time. He paddled them out, picked the perfect waves, got himself and her up and kept his hand wrapped around her upper arm the whole time. She loved it.

So other than putting in a shameless plug for this company(because they deserve it), I'm posting this cause it's related to my favorite story from our vacation and tangentially related to romance. My five year old's instructor was not effusive, or overly friendly, but was very patient with her. She was a little anxious about the whole endeavor. When they came in for a rest break she said to me, "The waves were really big, Mom, but Kevin kept me safe the whole time." Then a few minutes later she says, "I can tell Kevin really liked listening to my stories, Mom. He really liked hearing me talk." They went out again for twenty minutes and as we were loading up in the van to go home, Kevin gave her a big buss on the cheek. I thought she would melt all over the seat.

Talk about porn for women, a man who can keep you safe, help you do something challenging and fun, and who likes to hear you talk. :) Oh, and I'd like to think it doesn't matter, and maybe it doesn't to a five year old, but yeah, he was hot.


Kate said...

Years from now, maybe she'll remember him as her first crush. That's so sweet.

Heloise said...

Even if she doesn't, I'll always remember. :)

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