Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book Give-Away Redux

Finally, some time spent on my blog! Sorry for the long hiatus. I went into overdrive collecting extra credit for my current class after my less than stellar performance on exam number 3. It was more of a logistical trial than anything else.

But I'm back, at least until my panic over exam number 4 sets in, and I've finally re-drawn winners for my inaugural book give-away. I know, you've been crazy with anticipation. I also went back and actually read the terms of the give-away and found I had offered TWO books, not one, to TWO Lucky Winners.

M. and Stewart - yes, it's your lucky day!

Please contact me at megower at gmail dot com and I'll send off your awesome winnings sometime this month. No, kidding, I'll try to get them out right away. :)

1 comment:

Anne said...

Yay! It's getting a tad too warm for Stewart to burrow in his Snuggie with the winning book, but I will enjoy seeing my hubby read it nonetheless.