Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lara Adrian "Kiss of Crimson"

Second book in the Lara Adrian The Midnight Breed books. I like this series so I'm reading the middle books less critically. This heroine is a vet, which I like, she's not a kick-ass heroine but she's not an overly sensitive one either, somewhere in the middle. That worked for me.

The hero is Dante, his viciousness worked less well for me than Lucan's or Nikolai's even, but he's beautiful and devoted to his vet so he's acceptable too.

Fun, mindless, graphically violent, graphically sexual, decent plot. My least favorite so far but an okay way to spend three hours on a plane.

Vampire Paranormal Romance 2007: 3.5 of 5 crimson snorting ravers.

PS. I noticed that I didn't mind reading about the peripheral characters who aren't paired up yet, but I was annoyed by the cameo's of the already paired ones, I guess I fall in with Ana on that one.


Carolyn Crane said...

Totally! the already paired characters, esp. the women, can be sort of annoyingly wimpy. However, like you, I'm heavy into this series. It's wonderful. Also, I read something very nice about you on Renee's blog. Did you see it?

Heloise said...

Hey Carolyn Jean, I didn't see it, can you give me a link. Thanks! :)

I'm just starting the third book and looking forward to it. Also finding Jessica's notes about Sookie Stackhouse and vampires in general interesting. :)