Friday, December 14, 2007

C.L. Wilson 'Lady of Light and Shadow'

When was the last time you read a series book and the second was better than the first? Yeah, excuse my squeeing silliness, but this book was delightful. It's pretty clear that some publisher convinced the author to split what was one book into two, but with publishing dates of Sept and Nov. I can live with that. This story deserves to make as much money as possible.

Is this a literary masterpiece? No it's not Atonement, but really if you like fantasy novels and like them even better when their is great love involved, and don't mind some hot sex wrapped in, these are the two books you MUSTread. I really don't re-read books and I immediately started over after finishing it. I just don't want it to end.

C.L. Wilson, I hope to goddess you are writing your little heart out right now!

Fantasy Romance 2007: 5 fold weaves all glowing bright.


Stewart said...

Hey Lis- very productive string of blogging lately. Good job!

What is with these freaking book covers? I mean, I think I figured out that the "Mistress" one was not actually the book cover (too "realist"), but what is up with the past two C.L. Wilson ones? A fire breathing dog, and then a napping redhead? That does not really say "Romance Novel" to me. "Lessons of Desire", now that's some cover art I can get on board with!

Somewhere amidst the vast wreckage of the romance novel genre is a doctoral thesis on cover art.

Heloise said...

That's a Tairen Soul to you, buddy. The guy on the cover can transform himself into a black leopard (not a dog) with large wings.

These last two are more what they call fantasy novels with a strong romantic element. I'd call them romance novels with a strong fantasy element, but whatever.

The covers you normally associate with the genre have a term, clinch covers, no less. They are well hated by readers but consistently have higher sales. Google 'clinch covers' and hit the Smart Bitches website. Then check out their 'Covers Gone Wild' tagged blogs. Very amusing.

Now you know what I do at the coffee shop while Nora's in school! Woot!