Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Erin McCarthy ' My Immortal'

It wasn't completely horrible, but nearly so. Marley is a school teacher who spends two months in retreat at a monastery then leaves for New Orleans to find her ne're do well sister whose disappeared. Damien is a selfish arrogant 18th Century plantation owner who struck a deal with a demon to live forever. He regretted that decision pretty quickly but is required to encourage sin in humans as his price of his bondage.

So the scene is set for sex parties that nice little Marley gets to wander through while she looks for her sister and gets to know Damien. I haven't really read any erotica, a growing expansion of the romance genre, but I find this author's use of it's settings, at the same time painting female characters who like sex as bad, rather heavy handed. The overt morality as well as the use of the sexual deviance as titillation are to me, disingenuous. And let's not even get into the set up of Damien's punishment by his demon master. This plot device is so weak when Damien was freed from servitude, I could only think, WTF?

I guess I should have figured out that this wasn't going to be stellar when I felt the incredible urge to peek ahead a couple hundred pages.

Paranormal Contemporary Romance 2007: 1 out of 5 swampy plantations.


Anonymous said...

I think the tip-off re: the book's quality was finding out that character who struck a demonic deal was named "Damien." Really, how cliche is that? Although I will allow that someone named "Tim" wouldn't have the same mystique.

When you get back to blogging, you blog with a vengeance! Now you have too many entries to keep up with! Slow down and pace yourself to avoid pulling a muscle!

Heloise said...

Anne, I'm so bummed you don't have wi fi at the hospital! But I have to say I hope you continue to be bored for some time yet.