Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Julia London 'The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount'

Merry Christmas fellow readers. Did everyone know that Viscount is pronounced 'vykount'? Am I the only cretin who thought you said the 's' in there? I was in line to check out while shopping with my Mom a few days ago and telling her how this book was rather tedious and she leans over and whispers 'vykount.' I replied, 'What?' And she looked embarrassed for me, as only a mother can and repeated herself. Well, who knew? (Apparently everyone, as my engineering spouse confirmed later.)

Enough about me, about the book. Determinedly mediocre. I liked Phoebe, I even liked Will despite his taking advantage of a servant in his house. But the fact that Phoebe continues to pretend to be a seamstress after they become involved is just too silly to be believed. From then I had a hard time caring about these guys. The sexual tension is fine and the writing isn't terrible.

Historical Romance 2007: 2 of 5 viscounts.

Image details: a viscount coronet courtesy of wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

I'm baaaaaaa-ack! I'll catch up with you once I reacclimate to a non-hospital environment and clear my inbox of the 200 emails from Lillion Vernon and telling me about their fantastic holiday sales.

If it makes you feel better, for years I thought the name "Chloe" was pronounced "Ch-low."

Heloise said...

I just had another brush with mis-pronunciation yesterday. Perfidy. In my head it was always perifidy. Perfidy just sounds silly. That's what you get from being better read than spoken, yes?

Glad to hear you are home and I'm hoping to hear Jill will be home soon too. She is ridiculously cute you know. I just met a friend's 4 week old today, so I know what I'm talking about.