Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jacquie D'Alessandro 'Confessions at Midnight'

D'Alessandro wrote Sleepless at Midnight which I gave 5 stars. This new book about Sarah's sister, Carolyn is fun and witty and just as light and enjoyable as her earlier book, until about halfway through. Somewhere around the second week of Carolyn's affair with Daniel, I got a little tired of his overwhelming addiction to her. And I started to notice that the book really didn't have anything other than their relationship going on. This is not necessarily a deal breaker in a romance, however the interaction of said main characters better remain pretty darn entertaining if that's the only element present. Oh, there is a little murder mystery but it's really an aside.

What I loved about Sleepless at Midnight, and what I love about the first half of this book is the clever, entertaining, witty dialog. But once the first infatuation runs it's course, the descent into maudlin overly dramatic emotion is all that's left. With not much other plot to distract me, I lost interest in these two.

Overall, solid middle of the road romance. Good in a pinch, but not very memorable.

Historical Romance 2008: 3.5 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

I didnt like CONFESSIONS as much as SLEEPLESS either. I am not sure exactly what was missing.

Caroline was kinda bland maybe and the book was mostly told from Daniel's viewpt. He was practically the "heroine" of the book.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you find a romance novel entitled "Diaper Changes at Midnight."

Heloise said...

You never fail to amuse, Anne Dear. I was thinking Sleepless at Midnight might suffice for you these days.

If you will read it out loud to your little squirt, I'll even send you my copy.

Anonymous said...

Read? Ha! Why that would interfer with my steady diet of bad reality/talk shows. If I'm not watching TV, then I'm dozing while sitting up with my mouth hanging open.

Shouldn't the sequel to "Sleepless at Midnight" be "Crabby at Dawn"?