Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I'm obviously a little new to the blogosphere having never heard of (cyber) tagging before. But one of my favorite not-always-romance reviewers Kate has issued a small challenge. Go to my nearest book, find page 123, read and transcribe the 5th sentence.

I'm not kidding that I was perusing "The Instant Intellectual" by Norah Vincent and Chad Conway having received it in the mail this morning and trying to remember why I bought it. I had finally zeroed in on a vague memory of wanting to give it as a gift, but to whom?? Anyway, I digress. Unfortunately there is a picture on page 123. But on page 122 is the word Literati with the definition, "The literary crowd. Intelligentsia." Hmm.

I received another book in the mail this morning and as it is sitting right next to The Instant Intellectual, I'll include it here as well. I recently requested, from PaperBackSwap, All Night With The Boss by Natalie Anderson (I am so not making this up) because I just could not pass up reviewing a book on a romance novel site with that awesome title. Page 123, 5th sentence goes like this: "She obviously needed time to cool off and think about things." This is the voice of our hero by the way.

Okay, Kate. Thanks a lot. I'm a little (a lot) embarrassed by both of these books.

So now I tag the Tanaka Park's. One book for each of you, dears. No wriggling out now.

And one of my favorite author's/commentors on romance. Gennita Low

And one of my early commentors who has the blog with best title picture EVER, Marg.

Have fun!


Stewart said...

Wow, Lis, thanks! I read your blog at work, so the nearest book was CPT Plus: A Comprehensive Guide to Current Procedural Terminology 2006.

The sentence is "Assessment of muscle strength and tone (e.g., flaccid, cog wheel, spastic) with notation of any atrophy or abnormal movements."

Hey, that almost sounds like an intro to a romance novel!

Heloise said...

That's awesome, thanks for adding to the random fun.

Kate said...

Hurrah, Bodice Rippers! Tell you what, if blogging isn't about honesty, then this tag at least was. I would have loved to have had something really a lot more interesting at my elbow than what I had :)

Marg said...

I'll be sure to do this in the next couple of days!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the book nearest the computer is the user's manual for the videogame Age of Empires III. (Since we haven't played this game for about three years, I think it's time to put the manual away.) Page 123, 5th sentence: "The French have Courers instead of Settlers." This also sounds like the intro to a romance novel.

I checked the nearest book at my bedside just for fun and found Jane Smiley's "A Thousand Acres" which is a book I've tried to read nearly a thousand times and can't get past the first 70 pages. Page 123, 5th sentence: "He smiled."

Heloise said...

Oh, I'm so glad I could help your household by pointing out the need to put that manual away!

Heloise said...

PS. Anne, I love Jane Smiley, and I don't know that A Thousand Acres is really worth it.

Greenlanders is just as difficult to read but seemed so much more worth the effort when I finished. IMHO

Anonymous said...

I think I like Smiley's short stories more than her longer works although, to be fair, I've really only read "Moo" and probably didn't enjoy it since it cut too close to home (b/c it was set in a Midwestern university and all--why read about it when I'm living it?).

I feel like I should slog through "A Thousand Acres" since it's based on "King Lear," but I'm not inspired by the plot b/c, well, I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen b/c it's based on "King Lear." And I'd rather read King Lear. So it goes back on my shelf and periodically, I vow I'll finish it this time and then it languishes by my bedside for about as long as that Age of Empires III manual until I put it back on my dusty bookshelf only to pull it out again in a few years. And so it goes.

Heloise said...

Sounds a little like my relationship with indoor plants. I really think I should have them, I like the idea of them, I buy them, I watch them die a very slow death. I have a pot with a single stem of green in it for years.

I say burn the book and I'll throw out my plants.

Marg said...

We will be doing this at Historical Tapestry shortly! Thanks for the complement and the tag!

PS...I am really bad with plants as well. I was just looking at one that I have owned for a month today thinking 'wow...you're still alive. Amazing!'

Gennita said...

I'm sorry I missed your tagging me!