Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Patricia Briggs 'Steal The Dragon'

One of my pet peeves, there are many, is when titles of books are inserted into the book awkwardly. Not only did I enjoy this book thoroughly, but the title is very cleverly taken from the story. I won't categorize this book as a romance, although there is a romantic relationship that develops, mostly because there is no sex. I know there is an entire section of romance that does not include coitus but those aren't the books I typically read or review.

Rialla is a former Daran slave who escaped to the mercenary nation of Siamin, where she is now a horse trainer. She is recruited to return to Daran posing as a slave again to help protect a Daranian lord who wants to end slavery in Daran, a dangerous endeavor.

I particularly liked how, while she has been trained as a mercenary (everyone is in Siamin) as a horse trainer, she is realistically less skilled in combat than some of her companions and more skilled in outwitting her enemies. The plot unfolds quickly and well. If you really enjoy fight scenes, these may not be riveting, but I liked the way they were more about smarts than gore. The characters are not completely stock and genuinely different from each other, not something you always see in genre fiction. And finally the world creation is terrific. I was completely sucked in and enjoyed the ride.

SF/Fantasy Girl Power 1995: 4.5 of 5 sylvan mages.

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Anonymous said...

I lurve Patricia Briggs. I wish she wrote sex into her books. They'd be the best Paranormal Romance EVA'. Alpha and Omega, in On the Prowl, is a cross genre UF/PR, or so I've heard. So I've got hopes that the sequel, Cry Wolf, will have more romance in it. Charles has recognized the heroine as his mate already, so I hope they fall in love in Cry Wolf. Can't wait till August!
I've got this book (steal the dragon) on hold in the library. AFter falling in love with Patricia Briggs through her Mercy Thompson series, I am now going through her backlist.